Saturday, June 27, 2015

Schools Out!

Caleb loves pj's.  He will NOT sleep in pjs that don't match and is very particular about which ones he is going to wear for the night.  He came out this night with 6 different shirts on, he couldn't put his arms down
 We have been so incredibly blessed with great teachers.  We are all crazy in love with Savvy's teacher this year, she has to be one of the best in the nation… i'm totally convinced:)  Cohen (and me) is going to be heartbroken if he doesn't get her next year
 Cohen was in need of a haircut and I asked him what he wanted to do and he said "a rattail".  I said #1 no and #2 where have you even heard about rattails.  He told me about football players who had it, the main character on Treasure Planet and anakin skywalker.  Well I just dropped it and told Michael and some of our friends and those crazy adults talked me into it!    The next day I walked into the backyard to Michael setting up the barber shop in the grass.  When Michael was buzzing his hair he was telling Cohen how "creative he is" and how "brave he is"  totally pumping up his ego because of the rattail.  He loved it… all of his friends loved it… people who were teenagers in the 80's loved it… and I must admit I started to love it.  When he wanted to get fancy we would braid it… He kept it for 2 weeks then he went to stay the night with mom and M.A. and they HATED it!  They both told him they would give him $10 if he would cut it… they know Cohen and he wasn't going to pass up $20… and with that we said goodbye to the rattail

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