Friday, June 26, 2015

Sleepy Woes

Savvy and Norah have always shared a room.  About a month ago Norah was teething and had a hard time going to bed, yelling out in the middle of the night and waking up early.  Savvy had enough and asked to move into her own room (the playroom).  We let her and it left Norah heartbroken.  She now has to have the lamp on to go to sleep and it's taking her so much longer to go to settle down.  The first few nights she would say "sister" when I would put her to bed… it was just so sad!  Once the boys got wind of Savvy in the playroom everyone wants to sleep with her and she will occasionally wake up to Caleb in her bed :)  Everyone loves sister
 Mom gave Norah a bubble machine for her birthday and I gave Cohen fart bubbles from the beach.  We were outside one morning and I look over to find Cohen pouring ALL of his fart bubbles in the machine.  To our WONDER the fart bubbles are the best bubbles in the world.  They were colorful and tons of them.  Might not smell great but was pretty

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