Saturday, May 28, 2016

Momma's time out

I've been able to have a good bit of adult time lately...  AND its fantastic;)  We went and saw Billy Joel and it was good, definitely not my favorite concert but still fun.  He lost me when he told everyone that he had a lover in Memphis once and she called him her New York treat…. eeww and gross...
I had a friend get married and she had a photo booth set up and we had way WAY too much fun with it, this by far was my favorite
Michael and I both got a some kind of fever virus but how precious is Indie.  I love her so much, she doesn't care if I'm contagious.  I think Savvy avoided me for 2 days, she is terrified of getting sick :)  But how funny is it that when I realized I had a fever I did an internal high 5 because I knew I was totally justified to lay in bed all day
I went on a woman's retreat with our church for the weekend.  We slept and laughed and ate it was wonderful

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