Monday, June 17, 2013

This and That

The kids had fun with side walk paint but somehow a lot of it ended up on them

 She's already starting to work her magic on him.  She really is such a good baby.  Still not taking a paci and has her fussy times where we have to walk her around but has yet to do it at night.  She wakes up twice but goes straight back to sleep.  But when this little princess gets MAD she screams like a pterodactyl or eagle, mostly its in the car, she HATES the car
                                    One month picture
 We took the boys to get their summer haircuts.  When the woman called back Cohen she asked me in-front of him "is this a girl or a boy".  Luckily Cohen wasn't paying attention and didn't hear, but come on, whats wrong with people!  I did call her a curse word... in my head ;)

 Norah was sleeping and the kids were coloring... this is a very rare quiet moment in the Clay house

              Brothers!  I love them so much.  I pray so hard that they will be best friends

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