Friday, June 14, 2013

Dad and Grammy

Round 3 of visitors!  I love it and want them to keep on coming :)
 Dad and Sandy got in Saturday night and stayed until Friday.  The kids were spoiled rotten and loved every minute :)

  On Memorial day we all went for a drive and picnic.  Our goal was to see snow or as Caleb puts it "snowman".  It was a beautiful day, the kids found snow and Norah slept

 Norah started getting fussy at night.  I feel like if we could get her to take a paci things would be much better.  But she  I'm going to keep on trying, but man is she cute

 Baby girl has slept in our bed every single night :)  I can't cut the umbilical cord
 My Cohen graduated from Preschool.  Him and Savannah both had the same teachers, Mrs. Middleton and Mrs. Kraulman, and hands down 2 of the best preschool teachers in the history of preschool.  This first picture is on Cohen's first day in September
                                            And here he is in May
We had cupcakes after his graduation.  Don't know how Caleb talked Grammy into feeding him :)  I bet it is his smile
Congratulations my sweet boy, we are so proud of you
Dad and Sandy left us with a clean house, full bellies and feeling loved

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