Thursday, June 28, 2012

End of June

One of the many good things about Walla Walla is there park and rec programs.  There are tons!  We signed up for swimming lessons at Whitman College and the kids have just loved it, which makes me love it.  Savvy is swimming by herself (still struggling but it is all on her own) and Cohen likes to ride around on noodles:) 
 Savvy had the great idea (all on her own) of selling bookmarks.  She was so pumped and was running around the house gathering all her supplies, talking to me about her game plan, she was totally into this.  Then I took her to the spot she wanted to set up, put the chair where she wanted it, then a car drove by and she looked at me and said "mom I'm feeling shy".   She tried to have me go door to door and sell her bookmarks.  We ended up going to two different houses and gave away bookmarks.  She is courageous and humble all in one perfect package.
 We were taking a drive, before the land cruiser broke... water pump, and i looked back and saw this.  I think he was almost asleep, but after seeing him i closed my eyes and hung my head out the window and oh how good it feels
 I got to take Savvy and Cohen to see Brave.  I LOVE this movie, my kids...not so much.  They are still talking about the bear, he is pretty scary.

 So scary that Cohen wanted to bring his hatchet on a bike ride,
                  so scary that spider man has been protecting our house

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