Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This sweet little diaper has been pulling at my heart strings for the past week.  Pampers has come out with Olympic diapers and Michael accidentally bought them.  I absolutely positively LOVE the Olympics.  Ever since I can remember, when it is Olympic season the TV is on all day, we sit around and cry listening to the amazing back stories, cheer for USA (and the underdogs), I just love everything about it.  When we moved we decided to get Internet and not cable.  The house in Memphis still hasn't sold so this is a tangible way for us to save and Michael and I have never had cable so this wasn't a big deal.  What has been a big deal is that we don't even have major networks...nothing.  We still have a TV and use it for movies.  But seeing Caleb's precious booty with USA on  Michael and I have been having some serious conversations.  I think I might be talking him into it....lets hope:)
 I was changing his diaper, when he moved like Flash, got a book, pulled up the covers and started reading, still without a diaper on
 and this is still his face when you hold a camera up, he looks like he is in pain but he's fine I promise.  We did another squishy baff this morning just because it is summer and we felt like celebrating.  Savvy and Cohen are in there too, but they are getting a bit old for bathtub pictures:)

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