Saturday, June 2, 2012

End of Year

Why oh Why are the kids growing so fast!   Their preschool graduation was so much more emotional than I was prepared for.  I'm so proud of these boogers, and seeing them walk across a stage with a graduation cap did me in:)

Caleb had a fight with the concrete that day, 
                but no worries he has been sporting his shades (he is actually brushing his teeth, and demanded the glasses, and he likes them in his crib too)
 Then the next day Cohen picked a fight with the library counter, I'm sure people thought very highly of my mothering (keep you kids safe) skills

Savvy also finished up her gymnastics, yes those are snow boots, she dresses herself:)  Her class had a show and she was incredible.  She has such a serious side, and when the music started she was down to business and rocked her routine

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