Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Mom was at work last month and got a call from a rep asking if she would come talk to some offices in Washington.  Then she found out that one of the offices was Walla Walla!  We were ecstatic, and couldn't believe that we were going to get a weekend with C.J.  She got here on Saturday morning and the kids had no idea she was going to be here.
We then went to jumping jelly beans
                                    watched youtube videos
   On Monday we went to Bennington Lake.  This was Savvy's first long bike ride without training wheels and she did amazing.  It started off wonderful, everyone was happy....

                                             we had a picnic
 and then everything went down hill from there.  Savvy crashed, Michael put all the kids in the bike trailer to go up a big hill and ran over dog poop that flung back on the kids, Savvy got on her bike again and then her chain came off and took us 10 minutes to get it back on, mom and I lost Michael and the kids, by the time we found them we decided that Michael would ride back to the van and come pick us up.  We waited and then mom asked if Michael had the keys...nope i had them.  When I called him he was pulling up to the car.  It was a very eventful afternoon, but still great memories.
        Tuesday mom took us out to eat at Pho Sho, it was really good and the kids liked it

            The kids had some interesting sleeping habits while she was in town

                        We stopped by the candy store
 Then we had to say good-bye to our C.J.  It was a wonderful, unexpected treat!

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