Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm baaack

Oh Oh OH!  It feels so good to be back blogging, almost two weeks without Internet and so much to catch up on.  We have moved into our new place and I'm so excited to say that I'm loving it. I had my doubts at first, but seem to love it more everyday.  Having the kids pictures on the walls, our beds, our feels good.  
We moved on a Monday and Michael took off work to help.  I took the older kids to school then Caleb and I headed to our "old" place to finish cleaning and make sure we didn't forget anything.  It was 9 (the time the movers were supposed to arrive) and I had the old house clean, keys on the table, ready to go, pick up Caleb to head out the door and he has a dirty diaper.  I run to the van to get his diaper bag and come back to a locked house....with Caleb inside.  I picked up a rock to break a window freaked!  Caleb was standing at the top of the stairs, with no gate up because I had just taken it down, staring at me.  Long story short, the baby was rescued.  My neighbor was home, we found a key, a broken heart not a window.  
By 10 he didn't even remember the traumatizing morning.  He stayed in here playing for almost 45 minutes (which is several days in Caleb time)

Getting our stuff was just as exciting as Christmas
 But let me say that moving with kids is just CrAzY. They have so much stuff...  This is savvy's room, her bed is out, dresser is put up, clothes are put up, all toys are downstairs and still all of these boxes are stuff for her room.  After getting some great advice, I unpacked the kids rooms first and tried to make it look just like home.  Savvy does miss her pink walls though:(
 I had a sweet friend call and ask if she could get some people to bring us dinner during the week.  I had a strong no, I told her I didn't have a baby and no one died, I felt silly having someone bring us food. Well she still did it and hands down this was probably one of the most appreciated meals we have ever had.  Moving is hard:)

 I think this video might shine a little light oh how the moved affected us.  Warning:  we get goofy when were exhausted

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  1. Glad you are getting re-settled. Check my blog. :)