Thursday, May 24, 2012


I got to go to Boise for the weekend to see Beth Moore.  It was such a great time and she is such a great speaker, I loved it
            This is the best pic I could get of her,  She is  a tiny little thing:)
                             Girls I went with, so much fun!
 Afterwards we went out to lunch and I was explaining my love affair with Alabama football.  Since we have moved I haven't met a fan, or heard a roll tide, nothing.  I had decided that the first person who say's "roll tide" to me with get a big hug.
   While we were eating our waiter asked me where I was from and then he told me he was from still my heart....  I asked was he an Alabama or auburn fan.  Then the heavens opened and yes he was an Alabama fan.  I didn't hug him, but I did sneak a picture of my first fan but I don't have it anymore:(  Here was my was a good day:)
 While I was gone Michael kept me updated, Savannah was still taller than Cohen
 and they were eating well.  It is always fun to get away but so SO good to get back.  I missed my stinkers

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