Sunday, May 13, 2012

Surprise Visit

Dado and Grammy came up this week and I kept my lips sealed so the kids would have no idea about it.  They rented a car so we didn't have to pick them up from the airport...the kids had NO idea!  I was so excited Monday morning, and for breakfast Cohen wanted cereal.  I pulled out all the options and I had bought my dads favorite cereal. Cohen looked at it and said "that's dado's cereal, i wish I could eat it with him"......ahhhhhhh  I said "me too honey".....ahhhhh screaming inside!
I took the kids to school and when I picked them up Dad and Sandy were waiting  in the lobby.
I love this video but it does highlight one of my quirks...I get a crazy giggle when I cry:)

So what do you do when Grandparents are in town?  McDonald's of course
We then drove around the town, they boys took a nap, a good one.  Savvy's face is priceless

The next day we drove to Joseph Oregon and had lunch at Coco's.  Savvy picked it because that is what she called Cohen before she could say his name.  Cohen told two people this story

I thought Savvy would have lost her tooth 2 weeks ago but it was hanging in strong, even dad couldn't get it.  

Wednesday Dad and Sandy went walking downtown, we had a picnic, nap, soccer then Sandy's famous lasagna dinner
Last day here.  Such a fun time but REALLY hard saying goodbye:(


  1. I just watched it again. I still cried!

  2. One more thing...your comment font makes exclamation marks look like the letter l. And by the way...I had to wipe a tear off of my keyboard to write this.