Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Great Adventure

Friday was a good day, a very good day.  We started our adventure with our weekly trip to the library and it was Elephant and Piggie day.  Mo Willems has written several books with Elephant and Pig and we absolutely love them.  So at the library there was a scavenger hunt, stickers, worksheets, just tons of piggie love and this girl had a blast.

 after that we drove to Pasco and had a picnic, played and then headed to the much missed Target

 Then we went to the airport to pick up some very missed aunt and cousin.  The kids and I were so excited and my leg literally started shaking waiting for them
Then we saw them and it was like no time had passed at all.  The kids have never gone more than 2 weeks without seeing Patrick....NEVER, their entire lives.  After the hugs were over they were talking a mile a minute, catching up on teeth, reading, movies, bike riding, and I think this picture is when Patrick told Cohen "you hair has grown I see"
 We stopped at McDonald's to celebrate and then headed back home
 Michael cooked us dinner and everyone got on their PJ's, played, ate, played, watched a movie, played, watched a youtube video of snake vs. crocodile (look at savvys face) and then played more.  At this time Patrick had been up for over 19 hours and the kids were still going strong.  Everyone wanted to sleep with April, so she and the 3 older kids all got in our bed and were asleep within 5 minutes

                              Saturday we went to pioneer park

 Then went to the farmers market where we had lunch, henna tattoos
and dancing

  Sunday we went camping in Oregon.  Our campsite was in a perfect spot with access to a creek.  Michael brought a boat and we all went to an "island" on the other side of it.  It was just Savvy, Caleb and I waiting while everyone else was coming across, when Savvy said "is that a huge worm?"  and then she said "its a snake" and sure enough it was.  I had Caleb on my hip and Savvy holding onto my leg like a monkey.  Internally I completely flipped out but was by the grace of God able to stay in control.  By this time everyone was on snake island and I was hoping Michael was about to get us back to safe ground when the snake whisperer (Savvy) found another snake.  We left and will never cross the creek again:)
                                  Then we went on a hike

                                   found some gold (bee bee shells)

                     his legs stopped working and Apie saved the day

    Went hunting for birds? yes and they really thought they would catch it in a shoe box

 threw rocks in the creek for 2 hours with almost no casualties.  April did hit Savannah with a rock, she threw it straight but it went right:)

 we had dinner, smores, and told stories on story rock.  It was perfect.  The next morning we had breakfast and then it started pouring.  We packed up and headed home.
Monday we rested and then the older kids went to see Madagascar 3.  They left today and the kids will see each other again at Christmas...the countdown has already started

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  1. i know yall had such a wonderful time together! cousins are the best!