Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Time

I'm so excited to say, that after 5 months Michael has gotten a car!  He has been such a trooper and in rain, snow, ice he hasn't complained once about riding his bike to work (he likes adventures, seriously).  He wanted something bigger that could hold all of us and our camping gear, and this is what we found.  We are so excited and I think it fits perfectly in to our family:)
 The kids love (for a short time) that the back windows open up.  Savvy asked if it could be my car and  Michael's be the mini-van.  It's a good thing gas is so expensive or I would have taken her up on it:)
 We were invited to a white on white release party at Foundry Vineyards.  When we walked in there was a man with a list who asked us our name.  Michael cleared his throat and said "Clay...Mike Clay"  I would like to tell you that it was done in a James Bond fashion, but it had the tone of "crap I hope we are on this list".  Thankfully we were and had a great time. He makes me smile:)
 We are only in the second week of summer and the kids are already, well being my kids.  These are some random things seen throughout the day

 And how I love this picture.  I wish I could ask you what you thought they were looking at, or what you thought was going on here, and I don't think anyone would come close.  Michael was teaching them the art of arm-pit farting.... they asked.

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