Monday, August 12, 2013


We went to Harrison Park this weekend and I'm sure got a few questioning glares... its a sweat band and root beer

 We have started serious potty training.  He has been ready for a while but I couldn't muster up the courage to take it on.  So far he is doing really well.  He likes to go a little often and is loving his treat bowl.  It has candy, a motorcycle, batman washcloth, finger flashlights, and a super hero.  We went to the dollar store and he picked out his goodies.  The whole neighborhood knows when he goes because he runs through the house yelling "I did it" and wants everyone to see
 I walked in the kitchen to find Cohen with tape and ninja knives (plastic) and it doesn't even phase me anymore.  I love how creative they are... he said he was going mountain climbing :)

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