Sunday, August 4, 2013


Every year there is a basketball tournament downtown called the peach classic.  It's 3 on 3, takes over downtown and super fun to watch

She lost another tooth and woke up when I was putting a dollar under her pillow.  I pretended I was tucking her in and she didn't even remember in the morning
Caleb rocks my world. I was putting his boots on one morning and he said "momma... I proud you" And then we were praying at dinner and he likes to pray but repeat what we say so I said thank you God for Cohen and he would say "Cohen" and so on going through the whole family but I didn't say me.  After we said Amen he looked at me and said "and you"... I desperately needed this :)
I love Cohen's helmet because the longer he has it on the more hair sticks through the top.  Speaking of helmets, the kids riding their bikes scares me to death.  They are fearless and go way to fast and turn way to sharp and are just reckless.  Michael says over and over "look where you are going" "watch out".  I can't imagine teaching 4 children how to drive a car

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