Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Photo Booth

We are obsessed with photo booth on the computer, always have been, always will be.  I need to get on video how hard the kids laugh doing this, complete belly, hard to breath kinda laughing.  After an hour I put it up and they pouted :)

 One of the challenges of having 4 children is keeping the house quiet during nap time.  Caleb is the best napper on the planet and occasionally Norah will nap with out being held.  So we watch cartoons, eat, craft, eat, go outside, eat, workbooks and eat.  I can't imagine how much they will eat as teenagers.  Today, a hour after lunch Cohen had watermelon, granola bar, a carrot and was still hungry.  We were sitting outside eating when I noticed Cohen had on a bib...then I thought, every time we eat watermelon he puts on a bib.  He is hilarious

                       He loves books, naps, and his bed.... He is definitely my baby

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