Thursday, August 22, 2013

All's Well That Ends Well

Today...phew, today.  Words that came out of my lips today, "no, stop that, you are not allowed to slap your brother, you wont get anything with that attitude, were going home, go to your room, go to time out, your getting a spanking,'s okay that you accidentally got toothpaste in my hair." 
But, BUT the last hour of our day was beautiful.  We played the piano, Savvy read, Cohen read his sight words, Caleb went over his colors, I read, rocked Norah to sleep, put rollers in Savvy's hair-which put her to sleep.  Now all the kids are asleep, the house is peaceful and I'm so forever grateful for these wonderful, wild babies....
and thankful that I bought a bottle of wine before Michael went out of town :)

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