Monday, August 26, 2013

End of Summer

Summer is winding down, school starts next week and will steal 2 of my babies

 One of the biggest things I worried over Michael being gone so much was...wait for :)  He is hands down so much better at cooking than me, now I can out bake him, but the man can cook.  He makes dinner most nights unless its pizza or crockpot and by george I rock those dinners.
We actually have eaten really well since he's been gone and this one night I needed a picture because I thought our dinner looked so yummy.  We sat down to eat and the taste, was not so yummy.  The kids and I pretended to like it.  Cohen told me "the shrimp doesn't have much taste, but the pear is awesome"
 We have finally gotten into a nighttime routine with Norah and after I put her down, Savvy wants me to roll her hair and every time she falls asleep.  I love it and hope it continues

 Caleb hates underwear... he wants to wear a diaper, bathing suit or boxers.  Whoever came up with toddler boxers was a genius
 Caleb dropped one of Cohen's hotel keys he collected from our Redwood trip in the toilet...oh the drama!  Then somehow the toilet was flushed.  I tried everything I could come up with to try and get it out but couldn't reach it...when all else fails call dad.  He suggested to have Savvy reach in and try to get it...brilliant...what would we do without her :)  Dad called later and and was scared that her arm could get stuck :) He said he could imagine me calling 911 because my daughters arm was stuck in the toilet :)  Savvy's arm is fine, the card is out of the toilet and she has been disinfected

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