Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I can't get enough of him in his underwear, he knows how cute he is
Even though he is adorable in his whitie tighties, he is doing the best with potty training when he is completely naked.  So this morning he was in the nude running around our house.  I had put Norah down for a nap (successfully), cleaned the kitchen, put a load in the wash, Caleb "tee teed" in the potty and I was going to brush my teeth.  I was giving myself high fives all around.  I was getting dressed when Caleb ran in screaming, it scared me and once I picked him up I smelt what the problem was.  He had pooped, which is fine, we have to have accidents to learn.  But he had pooped in his room stepped and smeared it in and run through the hallway, living room, kitchen and our bedroom leaving poopy footprints all along the way.  There was so much that I used Lysol to clean it, that was the only thing, besides bleach, that I thought was appropriate for this job and might be okay to use on carpet.
 After I cleaned the kitchen and had moved on to the living room Savvy and Cohen were re-cleaning the kitchen...Ziploc bags on hands and feet for protection, Michael will be proud:)  I believe and hope our house is clean and Caleb made it to the potty for the rest of the day!

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