Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bring on the Fall

Who doesn't love fall.  Today the high was in the 60's, with a little breeze that made it just cool enough where you wanted to stand in the sun.  
The kids have complete control (i try and influence) of our house when decorating for the holidays.  I have a friend who pointed out that we have 4 Halloween bags, I didn't do it on purpose but it makes me smile:)
 The PBS app is like Caleb's drug.  I have to hide our phones and iPad now because if it is visible the boy will find a way to get it.  But look how it brings them together
 another little fact about Caleb is if anyone gets on the ground he will completely spider monkey you.  And he doesn't let go
             We took the kids fishing last week.  Cohen and Savvy both caught one.

 Caleb started "school" every Thursday for 2 hours.  It is at the community college and is AMAZING.  It is the type of preschool you would see on TV and it was $26 for the SEMESTER.  The parent's stay the whole time and I love having this one on one time with him.  We painted, played with play dough, played outside, he washed his hands 100 times in the perfectly toddler sized sink, and had wholewheat-flax seed banana Greek yogurt muffins (seriously) for snack.  The only thing Caleb was not a fan of was circle time...we will have to work on this :)

                                                 Happy Fall!

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