Wednesday, September 26, 2012


At the end of August Savvy came up and told me I had a baby in my belly.  I laughed and assured her their was no baby, she said "yes there is" and walked away.  Since then every 2-3 days she would tell me the same thing, I finally had to sit her down and have a serious talk, because it was starting to make me nervous:)  The Wednesday before we left for Gulf Shores I was reading a book to the kids and in the picture was a momma dinosaur with 3 baby's in a nest.  Savvy said "look it's our family" then Cohen replied "and look there is a baby egg in the back that hasn't hatched yet".  I finished the book and went and bought a pregnancy test.  There was no way I could be pregnant, but this was crazy.  It was negative.  Later that night I went to look again and if I held it at a certain angle I thought I might see a line.  I have taken 5 tests since, and with probably more shock than I have EVER felt, they were positive.  I was very excited, but for lack of a better word, felt overwhelmed.  How are we going to raise 4 kids, how are we going to do this with our family across the country, who's going to watch the kids when I'm in labor...etc, etc, etc.  I was in a tough place that week.  Then it was like a sheet was lifted from my eyes and I realized how absolutely wonderful this is.  How deep in my core I was made for this.  I'm so excited to have a baby in the house, love that we are a "big" family, the kids get another sibling, the list goes on and on.  And I realized that Michael and I are going to rock this family of 6 because our God can give us energy when were tired, grace when we fail, strength when were weak.  We didn't know this would happen but He did and OH how God knows I love surprises.   

(We have a very sneaky baby who likes to hide during the day and makes my stomach triple in size at night)


  1. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you guys!

  2. Congratulations! Found your blog on Kelly's Korner. We have a Cohen too! :)