Sunday, September 2, 2012


 Last Saturday Michael took the kids for a picnic to this place pretty close to our house.  He said that they were about to pull over to eat and they saw a black bear!  He forgot to pull out his phone until it was running away so he got this pic of it blending in with the trees.  I can only see it if I make the picture really big.  Exciting and scary

 Michael left Monday morning to go to Mississippi for the week.  He was supposed to fly home Thursday but the airport was shutdown because of hurricane Isaac.  He was able to get a flight out of Memphis Friday.  He was able to see Family and the Butlers and I might have teared up in jealousy:)
 Sweet Savvy bug had her 6 year old check up.  I loved watching her take the eye exam, and upsetting to her she has 20/20 vision.  She likes to accessorize with glasses:)
 When we came home she found this little guy outside.  She loves bugs and will pick up anything.  Her and Cohen were outside trying to put him in a ziplock bag.  When the praying mantis scratched her, she dropped it and screamed and oh my, Cohen came in the house running and screaming at the top of his lungs like his arm was cut off.  We researched to make sure there was nothing poisonous about them and she was fine but Cohen is scarred.  We were riding in the car several days later when he said "poor savvy, I still see that bug in my head"
                                                  Pure love
 The fair came to town and we went on Friday.  I really do love the fair, the kids loved the animals and rides.

 I absolutely love her adventurous spirit.  She had been asking all week if she could go on a real roller coaster.  So I picked the least threatening one and she loved it.  My stomach was dropping during the ride and I was holding on to her as tight as I could when she pushed my hand away and said "I'm ok mom" and put her sweet little hands up in the air.  When I look at this picture long enough I start tearing up

 Saturday morning there was a parade for the fair.  It was 2 hours of horses and cars and candy, oh toothbrushes too:)  Needless to say it was a hit

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