Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Saturday morning we drove to Indian beach.  This was the road leading to it and it amazes me that there are lush green trees and ferns right next to the ocean.  This is not like the Gulf :)

 We were there during high tide and the water was rough and freezing.  The kids had no fear of the ocean at Gulf Shores, so we had to have a serious talk about respecting the Pacific :)

We had such a fun time on the beach, when we were walking back to the car it started pouring, so we ate our lunch in the van.  We then headed to Astoria (Goonies was filmed here).  We loved this town, adorable houses, fantastic downtown and a bakery with German Chocolate cake!
 The port was walking distance from our hotel and was home to the sea lions who barked all night.  I was scared to death walking the port.  I was holding Caleb and was terrified we were going to fall in with the sea lions.
 My knuckles are white holding on to Savvy's arm... this was not enjoyable to me :)

 We then drove to the Astoria Column, and Savvy, Cohen and I made it all the way to the top... can you see us?
 Michael started but then had to come back down, he blamed it on Caleb :)

It was such a fantastic weekend and I think Michael loved his birthday celebration!

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