Saturday, December 5, 2009

Michael earned MAJOR points

I had the BEST birthday this year!!! And my fantastic husband gets the credit!
I woke up Tuesday morning to Michael getting out of bed, I saw that it was 7 and he usually leaves the house around 5:30. So I went to the kitchen to find him making me breakfast! He had taken the day off of work and told me he would watch the kids and I could do whatever I wanted...LOVE IT. So we ate stuffed french toast, then I headed off to the gym for an amazing workout! Michael then informed me that he scheduled a massage for me. So off I head to the spa. After my massage I head to my car and Michael and Cohen are in the parking lot, my boys wanted to take me to lunch. We ate at Swankys Taco Shoppe and hands down I had the best Chicken Chimichanga I have ever had! I recommend going there today! Then we rested the rest of the day and my dad took us out to eat that night!
Michael I love you. Thank you for a wonderful day!!!

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  1. Oh Michael! Great job!! Lucky girl. Sorry I didn't say happy birthday on the day... little busy! :) Excuses, excuses. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Miss you and love you!