Monday, December 21, 2009


My best friend Jessica came and visited last Sunday. We met my second year in college. I absolutely love her and she has been such an amazing friend. My last semester of school we were together 24 hours a day 4 days a week. Michael and I moved back to Memphis and her and Stephen (her husband) moved to Nashville. I would drive up to her house on Sunday, then we would head to Cookeville Monday and stay in one of our teachers boat house (yeah her husband was a Dr.) for the rest of the week. I have such wonderful memories of that semester!

We graduated in May 2005 and are still best friends, I can get on the phone with her and if we were uninterrupted we could talk for hours.

Jessica I love you and am a better person because of you.This picture has to show how much I love her because it looks like I'm smelling something bad..ha! But I had to show how precious she looks. This will be her second boy, Easton!
This is their son Parker, is he not ADORABLE and he is always smiling!

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  1. Parker is a handsome little boy!! Glad you got to visit with your friend. Your Christmas tree looks pretty in that pic of the 2 of you! Can't wait til you come here to visit ME!!!!! :)