Friday, December 11, 2009

Just too busy

We have been SO very busy, I have not been able to blog. So here are some updated pics of the kids and what we have been doing...
She kisses him all the time now!

Roll-Tide!!!!! SEC Champions!!!!

I have no idea what Michael is doing, but it makes me laugh

Fun with cousin Patrick

Those brown eyes take my breath away

We were hanging Christmas decorations outside and it was around 30 degrees outside. So Cohen got to wear his first snow suit and loved it. I couldn't get it off of him.
Savvy helping decorate the Christmas tree.
Final note, we were given "the Elf on the Shelf" and it is so much fun!!! The first thing you do is give the Elf a name. Savvy is AMAZING at giving things names. Her teddy bear is Twalla and her monkey is Chalous. So I knew she would give the Elf the best name... She chose Jasmine and she chose this because we had been watching home videos of Disney World 5 minutes earlier. So I explained that the elf is a boy and needs a boy name...Patrick. That is her cousins name, so again I asked for one more....Jealous... Are you kidding??? I said how I thought Jealous would not be a good name for the elf to tell Santa that you named him. So Michael said why don't we name him Melvin. Well I wanted to have Savvy come up with the name and so I gave her one more try and she came up with, none other than.........Nevalyn


  1. ok, your babies could be little models!!! they are so precious!!!!! and precious little patrick blake!!! well i can't wait to hear stories about Nevalyn the Elf!!! I couldn't think of a more perfect name for him :)

  2. my favorite part of the entire post is michael's socks in that picture where he is doing the crazy pose. :)

  3. I love how creative Savvy is! :)