Monday, December 21, 2009

Kids Christmas Party

The kids had there preschool Chirstmas party last Thursday. The room mom's organize and I come to help and play! Cohen's room is really too young to do crafts so they got chicken nuggets, cheetos and fruit for lunch. Savannahs room made miniature christmas trees out of pinecones that had been spray painted green. They then stuck little pom poms in for the ornaments. Glued it on a CD and then glued presents on the CD. They were adorable and the kids loved making them. While they were getting the room ready for the crafts. I read the kids a book, then decided to sing songs. Let me tell you I hands down have the worst voice ever!! Even my mom growing up was like "ashley you are so tone deaf" And even though I still love singing it is usually done in private! So anyways we sang the itsy bitty spider, then someone asked for Jesus loves me, then a little boy asked for Transformers so I made up a rap about how neat transformers are, then Savannah wanted Ariel so I broke out the "AAAAAAAhhhhhhhAAAAA" You know what I'm talking about. Then after this and tears in my eyes from laughing the room was ready! But at the end of it one little girl said "whats your name" And Savannah yelled out "Thats MY mommy" I love being her mommy!

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  1. This is the greatest story! I can imagine you up there singing for all the little ones! And I love how Savannah said..."that's my mommy" She is so precious!!!!