Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Keep my fingers crossed

Cohen is 26 months and this is the same age we potty trained Savannah, so I thought I would try Cohen over Christmas break. SO..... we unintentionally started Monday and he hasn't had a wet diaper since Sunday night!!! He is even going all night long dry....what...HALLELUJAH! He loves going potty because he gets a tootsie roll every time. So he has tried to abuse the system and just putting a few drops in and wanting a tootsie roll, at first I was giving it to him but now he has to "put all his tee-tee in the potty for a treat". WAY TO GO COHEN!! And he is so very proud of his big boy underwear!


  1. yay!! thats awesome! im so nervous about potty training sure ill be calling you for pointers!

  2. you kids are amazing with potty training! Savvy did it so fast and now Cohen! WAY TO GO!!! Julianna still doesn't stay dry at night and she has been potty trained for 18 months now!! haha I think she's just lazy at night! Miss you