Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Clouds Parted

The day Norah turned 6 months I called the Dr. office and said we need to be seen today.  She still cries...screams... all the time, waking up 3-4 times a night, only poops every 1-2 weeks...plain and simple she is miserable and surely colic can't last for 6 months.  They got us in and we decided to do a trial run with a reflux medicine, the dr. also wanted to do a x-ray of her tummy and that baby was filled with air all the way through.  She told me to give her gas drops every hour for the rest of the day and then with every feeding after that.  And my friends that has made all the difference.  We had tried the drops before but just wasn't giving her enough (she gets the max dose everyday) she feels so much better and is happy and funny and curios and giggly and sleeping and cuddly and just wonderful.  We have had an amazing month, she doesn't need the reflux medicine but if we miss the gas drops she pays for it.  
She can get anywhere she wants to now, puts everything in her mouth and says momma, mommomooomm....  Yes she said MOM first!!!!  The only one, everyone else's first word was dada

It is so wonderful having a happy baby!   I have never been around a baby as miserable as Norah was and it was hard.  But the clouds have parted, I'm a more patient person and can completely empathize with moms of crazy hard babies now.  There is NO DOUBT at all the Norah is going to do incredible things, a baby to have the stamina and will to cry as long and loud as she can will surely rock the world

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