Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baby it's Cold Outside

We were going to have a garage sale Saturday but the HIGH was going to be 10!  It has been so cold but beautiful, no fog and sunny and the mountains look like someone poured marshmallow cream over them :)
snow bunnies

Younger two have been out for the count this week.  Luckily we got Caleb on antibiotics early so he is doing better and little miss Norah is on the upswing too.  She had her first fever and it was so sad, she had trouble sleeping and just didn't know what she wanted :(

Savvy still wants to be an elf.  I found this letter on her dresser,
"Dear Santa Claus,
I want to be a elf.  I was wondering if I could go to the north pole.  I would like to meet some of your elves.  If you can't it is ok maybe another night.  Thank you Love Savannah Rose Clay"
She was in her bed with her pants on and told me that if she was gone in the morning to not worry because she would be with Santa.
She wants an elf costume, shrinking and flying powder for Chrismtas
She has started writing songs as well, I was a little surprised when she showed me this one....  it's supposed to be "Santa's Reindeer"

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