Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nature Sing

I have renamed him pomegranate monster
Norah has discovered the dish washer, her little face melts my heart

 My Christmas cactus.  Every time I look at it I sing "let heaven and nature sing".  It blooms at Christmas and Easter, and I believe 100% its praising Jesus, in the only way it can, which is beautiful.  My M.A. has a huge one which my mom broke off a few pieces and grew a huge one and then I broke off some of hers and grew one but left it it Memphis.  Last March my mom brought up two little pieces of hers and it has grown into this!
 Michael is sick now :(  Tonight I was putting Norah down and told the kids to go lay with daddy, I thought they were watching TV.  I came in to Michael completely out and the kids pretending to be asleep.  They make life so fun

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