Tuesday, December 3, 2013


 I got a birthday weekend!  Michael gave me the best gift possible... a hotel... by myself...aka.. SLEEP.  This was the first night since April that I have slept all night and it was glorious.  I was a bit nervous because little miss Norah has refused to take a bottle but Michael was determined that he could get her to take one.  She woke up at 3am and wouldn't take the bottle :)  So michael put sugar on the nipple and that girl downed 3 bags of milk!  I had 6 bags in the freezer and they were all gone when I got back the next day... :)

 The kids wrapped a pen, play ring and a few other things I can't remember :)  But sweet Savvy asked Michael if she could get me a new phone cover, mine has been broken for months and she thought of the gift all on her own :)  But my favorite gifts were my letters, the top is from Cohen and bottom is from Savvy

I am one blessed lady.  This was my 13th birthday with Michael, 7th birthday as a mom, I have amazing parents, family and friends... It was a very happy birthday

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