Monday, November 25, 2013

Caleb is 3

My Caleb!  He is nothing short of amazing.  He is hilarious, and sweet, and stubborn, and wild, and adorable.
He calls Norah "he", he tells me "I like you" or  "I don't like you" everyday, he will squeeze my nose and ask "you hear me?"  He loves food and eats constantly and making funny faces gives him the belly laughs
Everyone woke up early on his birthday so I decided to go get doughnuts.  When we were getting ready Caleb brought me a bag of baby carrots and asked if he could have one, baby gets what baby wants:)
He ended up bringing the carrots with us... to the doughnut shop... but when I was buckling him up he was feeding the bulldog on his hat the carrots too.  One for puppy
one for Caleb

After we left the shop things went downhill from there.   He kept on saying "its not my birthday mooom" and I would say yes it is, then he would yell "its not my birthday mooom"  and "i'm not 3"  He somehow got confused that a birthday is a good thing :)
He wanted "nuggies" for dinner so we went to Mcdonalds, and FYI Savvy and Cohen both ate a cheeseburger and 5 chicken nuggets.  
Caleb wanted a green cake and he blew out the candles before we finished singing.  We are all crazy about him.  
                                             Happy Birthday my big boy

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