Friday, November 8, 2013

When the Cat's Away

Lately Caleb has loved having the older kids at school...shhh don't tell them though :)  After we drop them off  we head back home and the first thing he does is take off all his clothes.  He has started trying to take off his clothes everywhere we go.  It takes a good bit of distraction to make him forget he's dressed.
We have started a new game when I nurse Norah, he hunts for giants.  I tell him where they are and he gets them, always with his gun and grappling hook :)  He came up with it on his own and is hilarious when he's hunting.
 Norah has started getting up on all 4's!  She is so small but you would never know it by the looks of those arms.  She is in the 5% for length and 23% for weight
 oh yes he did!  Savvy and Cohen never wrote on walls or furniture so this is new territory for me.
              One of her new hairstyles, I think you can tell I'm a child of the 80's

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