Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wizard, Bacon and Creamer

Norah bug is 6 months.  I put her in a gown that I wore when I was a baby and Michael said she looked like a wizard
                                                     she's a pretty little wizard :)
 Michael was out of town for the week and one night we face timed him during dinner.  Caleb was feeding him bacon, it was hilarious.  So much so that I made them reenact it so I could get a picture :)
Jessica enlightened me about a peppermint mocha coffee creamer and I thought that Cohen would love it in his chocolate milk.  It is nothing short of amazing and our whole family has gone through several bottles of it.  We had to run several errands one morning and it was cold so I made them hot chocolate with the creamer.  When I loaded them up and gave it to them Savvy said "oh can we get a big blanket and put Christmas music on?"
She makes me so proud

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