Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Sunday we turned around and started back home.  Caleb's language is just exploding and he is hilarious.  On the trip he came up with a new phrase "I can't breave "breathe"".  Caleb lets get buckled, I can't breave...Caleb come get dressed, I can't breave...Caleb get in the bath... I can't breave
 We had lunch on a beach in California, we caught it during low tide and I turned into the starfish whisperer.  I found 2 starfish and both were dead, this one was dried and stiff
               And bless this one, I'm not sure what was wrong with him
 Norah slept the entire time we were on the beach.  By today she had cried so much in the car that she lost her voice.  She sounded like a frog crying, it broke my heart.  I cannot figure out why she hates riding in the car

Coming out of Redwood we drove along the Smith river.  It is one of California's last wild rivers.  It was gorgeous and the pictures did no justice to how beautiful the water was.   It was so incredibly hot that we only stopped for about 30 minutes

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