Saturday, July 6, 2013


Our bed time this week was at the earliest 10 and that made our wake time around 9 which was fabulous!  We headed out close to 11 and drove down the Pacific Coast highway.  Sweet precious Norah hates the car, actually if there is a word stronger than hate that is what she feels about riding in the car.  We stopped about every 2 hours to see a total of 3 beaches which was perfect for her.  She screamed in the car and then slept when we stopped.  The older kids were troopers and LOVE the beach.
The water feels like ice water, I could barely keep my feet in the water but it didn't stop the kids at all
We had to make this trip as affordable as possible so that meant packing a huge cooler for lunch and snack's for the week.  So we had a picnic everyday with PBJ sandwiches for lunch, then for dinner we did $5 pizza's and subway and tacos and any and every cheap dinner we could find... again totally worth it

I LOVE the beach and what I love even more is watching the kids play here.  It's God's playground and the imagination and giggles that happened just made me so thankful.  Completely worth my screaming, car-hating Norah :)
These were the Oregon sand dunes and unfortunately our pictures did no justice to how big they were.  We had the beach to ourselves

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