Thursday, July 11, 2013

Crater Lake

Monday we drove to Crater Lake, and it was stunning.  It's the deepest lake in the US and was formed by the collapse of a volcano.  So there are no rivers going in or out and it was filled by rain and snowfall...pretty cool
This picture is looking down, so thats water not the sky :)

 We stopped and had lunch at another state park and gave my poor frog baby a break

 Norah turned 2 months and is growing so fast.  She reminds me of Cohen in how she loves the carrier and would never make a peep if I carried her around all day.  But this baby's will is so much like Savvy's.  She does not give up, and lets you know that she is not happy being put down.  She is smiling and cooing and it's so soft and sweet and then if I put her down her cry is angry and goes on and on and on ;)  Even so she has put a spell on all of us and we can't get enough
On Tuesday we made it back home and we all slept like the dead that night.  It was so much fun and the kids had a blast.  My favorite part is just us all being together uninterrupted by work and schedules.  I asked Savvy and Cohen what there favorite part of the trip was and they both said "staying in a rotel"

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  1. Stop it with the pictures! They are beautiful!!! ;)