Thursday, July 4, 2013

Road Trip 2013

Michael had a conference in Corvallis, Oregon which is halfway to the Redwoods so we made the brave decision to turn it into a road trip.  It was hard, but it was oh so good!  Caleb pooped in the pool and hot tub, got stung by a bee, Michael and I got in a fight over ice cream, Norah screamed so hard in the car that she went hoarse, we had 3 of us in one full size bed sleeping it was stressful but it was fun and memorable and magical and I sure do love my family.
We drove down on Monday and he was done Thursday night. So Tuesday-Thursday it was just the kids and I from sun up to sun down.  I maintained my sanity by going to the pool several times a day, 2 movies (thank you M.A. who funded our movies), puppet show at the library and at one point I just loaded us up in the car drove for an hour.

His eyelashes...
 These two swam and swam and swam.  They loved the pool and we had it to ourselves every day
 On Tuesday we had been in the pool for about 20 minutes when Savvy yelled what does Caleb have... oh... I didn't put a diaper on him because we were going after lunch to get swim diapers and I really thought he would be fine... He had pooped by the hot tub and there was a poop trail around more than half of the pool AND a baby ruth sitting at the bottom of the pool.  I cleaned up all around the pool and seriously thought I'm going to leave and not tell anyone.  But my conscience got the best of me and I put the kids in our room and ran to the front desk and confessed that my son pooped in the pool.  I got all 3 bathed (while Norah was screaming on the bed).  And then I went for my hour drive :)
That night we went back to check the pool and it was clean and smelled so strongly of chlorine.  I let the kids get back in and then maintenance came in to check the chemicals... and I was praying that the kids wouldn't tell him it was us who had tainted the pool.
The kids were creepers and I think it made him very uncomfortable.  He never acknowledged them..ha
     While the kids were swimming Norah usually slept on me, here was the rare time she was awake

Corvallis was a really pretty town but I was ready to go by Friday and SO CRAZY thankful to have Michael back

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