Thursday, April 14, 2016


Savvy has been talking about baptism for over a year now.  She is so amazing and my heart literally feels too big for my chest when I start to think of her.  Michael and I have spent hours upon hours talking to her and answering her questions… because when sister doesn't understand, she isn't going to stop until she gets an answer.  Sometimes when I'm talking to her I forget that she's only 9 because her little brain can go to such mature places and question things that we as humans will never understand.  This fall she came to me and said that she knew she wanted to get baptized but was scared.  She was scared of getting in front of everyone …. and we talked and talked and talked ;)  I told her that when we know God is wanting us to do something but we are scared, that is the times when he shows up BIG.  And that is faith, doing something because He has asked us even when we are terrified.  She was such an encouragement to me during all of this and the love that was flowing this day was insane.  She invited our family, friends even her teacher from last year.  We had over 40 people there supporting and cheering her on, it was amazing and my eyes are tearing up remembering it.  From Little rock to Nashville they came to see her.
Everyone came over to our house afterwards for Taco Soup (per her request).  I'm forever grateful that she's mine and I pray that she always knows her worth and her love for Christ grows more than I can ever imagine.

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  1. Boo-hooing!!!!! So proud of her!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3