Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bugs and Storms

The kids shared a fever virus (how come its never a problem with sharing if its a sickness… but legos or notebooks or heaven forbid THAT exact stuffed animal, WW3 can break out in the Clay home :)  Luckily it was short lived

 We've been having some bad storms recently.  One night Michael fell asleep while I was watching the news and when he said "ITS HERE AND COMING TO YOU, GET YOUR LOVED ONES SAFE"  I made the decision to put all the kids in our bed, because at least we would be together… So I run and wake up the boys and they both blank stare at me, I tell them "Go to my bed, theres a bad storm"… Continue to stare at me.  I shake their shoulders and talk louder "go get it my bed"…. Sirens start going off.  Caleb starts to stir so I go to Savannah's room.  I wake her up and she is so confused and talking in an intangible language and clearly dreaming of something.  By this time I'm laughing but frustrated.  I'm going back to the boys room when I trip over Caleb laying in the doorway of Savannah's room only to find Cohen standing in the hallway staring at the WALL!  So now I yell  "Everyone go to my bed a TORNADO is coming" side note Michael is in a sweet restful slumber during all of this.  They finally maybe reach 10% consciousness because all 3 start walking like zombies to my bed.  I get Norah out of her crib and shepherd the tiny zombies to my bed.  I get everyone tucked in nicely and realize 6 people will not work in our bed, only to hear the news man tell me "whew, looks like we lucked out of that one", I gave that newscaster my meanest look and slept in Savvy's room… :)  All 4 (5 including Michael) of them are insanely deep sleepers and have no idea who or where they are when woken in the middle of the night… I'm on my own.  Like that one time I heard an alien baby screaming in our backyard and terrified shake Michael "what is that!"… intangible language… "Michael listen!"… alien baby screams… Michael "its a deer snorting"…. what are you even talking about it is clearly extraterrestrial … Then he wakes up to hear the alien baby scream.  We are pretty sure it was a fox screaming and is a noise out of horror movies. But again,  I'm the only reliable source in the middle of the night.
This is how I left them the night of the storm, Savvy is on the other side of Michael and NOT 1 of them remembered anything that had happened and wanted to know how everyone ended up in my bed

          Caleb and Norah made their own tornado shelter during one of the storms :)

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