Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Years

Michael and I celebrated our 13th anniversary and had a wonderful night out with sushi and stayed the night in a hotel here in town.  It was wonderful and very relaxing but  got bummed out when his work called and said he was getting called into flood fight.  He had to leave the next morning and was gone for 11 days.  The kids and I stayed with mom and ma for several days and watched movies and ate… and watched movies and ate…. it was wonderful 

Savvy has to be the best big sister in the world, she has more patience and love for Norah than should be humanly possible… its the best
Princess Norah… I used to put necklaces on my head ALL the time growing up and pretend I was a princess from some exotic land.  Apparently I passed down this trait

We got some sparklers for New Years Eve and almost made it to midnight

Us older girls had some champagne and Savvy had water:)  She felt so fancy

                            They both fell asleep on the rug like this :)
Then Norah woke up like this… I don't know who took this picture but it cracks me up… My face, I'm counting to 10… then I pray… then I'm convincing myself that its not ok to drink champagne at noon :)

This whole situation tickles me and makes me so proud.  My momma heart can hardly take it when the kids work together and encourage each other… even when it's just trying to climb a tree :)  They reversed the roles next and Caleb was able to make it up on the tree

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