Friday, July 3, 2015

Savannah's Recital

I love this picture of the kids because it showcases their personalities to a T.  Savvy sweet, Cohen a ninja, Caleb with Indie and PJs on under his clothes and Norah…. norah :)
Mom won tickets to see Robert Plant at mud island and gave them to us!  It was a beautiful night and I LOVE the amphitheater.  We stayed for about a hour, the music was good and we smelled some interesting smells and large white clouds of smoke coming from the couple in front of us
Sweet Savvy had her dance recital.  She decided to take hip hop this year and was flat out adorable.  I have countless reasons to be thankful for my mom but one is that the woman can sew.  When savvys costume came in it could fit me… it was huge.  It was no problem for mom and it turned out perfect

This is the video from the dress rehearsal… I love her sass at the end

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