Wednesday, July 1, 2015


The kids and I took a short trip to visit Jessica and this trip had been planned out for weeks and was the only time for the whole summer that worked for both of our families.  We were under an hour to her house and Savvy threw-up… I called her to tell her we were going to turn around and then we talked each other into still coming and we would keep savvy away from everyone.  It was a 24 hour bug and she got a fever and sick a few more times but she was such a trooper.  We stayed in and rested our first day and then she was ready to go!
 We stopped by and had dinner with Uncle Drew… Norah was thrilled ;)
 we went swimming, learned how to shoot the bow (which I loved), watched movies, collected the chicken eggs and just had a great time!
 The night before we were set to leave I was rubbing Parkers head and found lice!  We both looked and  and found maybe 2 more but no eggs.  Cohen and Parker had slept together the night before so I was sure they were going to give us lice and we were going to give them the stomach bug.  Jessica and I turned into lice ninja's, we treated all of us (minus Norah) then spent a few hours at the laundry mat, then rubbed coconut and tea tree oil on everyone.  We left in the morning and I put oil on everyones head again and put so much on Cohen that it was dripping.  I wrapped him up and we set for home… this picture is still cracking me up
We always have some crazy adventure when we are together!  We love them and had so much fun.  We didn't get lice and they didn't get the stomach bug so I say it was a win-win trip :)

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