Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mouse Tail Landing

Almost everyone from our small group at church loaded up and went camping at Mouse Tail for a night.  With kids we had over 40 people, it was crazy and loud and so much fun.  We canoed and went swimming and sat by the fire and went swimming again.  
This was on the way up there and Caleb was really asleep, he loves her so much

 Of course with this many kids we would have some incidences.  Calebs friend Kellan banged up his knee, this floaty thing Norah has on was thrown away because as soon as she got in the lake it flipped her on her stomach and she couldn't turn over (with her face/head in the water).  I was able to get to her fast but still scared me to death.  Then after supper Norah fell off a bench and bit her tongue…again.  Afterwards she fell asleep in my arms so we sat by the fire until after 10.

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