Tuesday, February 24, 2015


   We LOVE going to the movies and we soaked them up over Christmas break.
We went with some friends to see the new Annie movie and I took all the kids by myself.  I'm not lying when I tell you I prayed before I went in.  Norah can be a bit high maintenance at times :)  I came prepared and had snacks and candy galore.  And to my surprise she did so good!  With about 30 minutes left she was getting bored and I pulled out my secret weapon, a huge milk chocolate candy cane and let her have at it.  When we walked out this is what we looked like

My mom and I took them all to see Paddington and with about 30 minutes left she was bored again so I let her play with my purse and when we walked out she was covered in red lipstick

We have a discount theater and they were still showing box trolls and we went with Mimi, Patrick, Maggie and Uncle Patrick.  Little miss Norah did AMAZING during this movie!  A few days later Caleb came into the kitchen telling me he was a box troll :)

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