Friday, February 20, 2015

Holiday Season

I loved being home for the Christmas season and we loaded up on fun stuff to do!  The kids saw Santa twice, Mom and MA took them to Santa's North pole and we went with the Beckhams and McDonnell's to the enchanted forest.  
                     I was able to get Norah's first pig tails…. be still my heart!
We went to a VERY cold Bartlett Christmas parade.  I had us sit on a corner of the main street which ended up being a bad idea because when it started people went out on the street and we were left in the back… I won't' get outsmarted next year :)  It really was fine, it was so cold we only stayed for a few minutes of the parade, still had fun and then headed over to dad's to watch some football

Savannah and I went to the nutcracker with some friends and Norah wore her tutu.  We had a great time and Savvy got so tickled at one of the guy ballerina's tights, it left absolutely nothing to the imagination, she even had me giggling
The kids got to dress up as their favorite Christmas character for school
Cohen is the abominable snowman… ha ha!  He said he kept on having to tell everyone who he was :)
Caleb had his first ever Christmas program and that morning was not feeling it.  He didn't want to go, didn't want to sing, didn't want to get on the stage… I was having flash backs of Savannah's programs. So I warned his teachers that his stage fright is hereditary (ha) and prepared for the worst.  Well that baby did amazing!!!  He got up there and sang and did the motions and loved every minute of it!  He was precious
I tried twice to get pictures for our Christmas card and my creative juices and camera were not working together!  They turned out B.A.D.  I ended up doing individual pictures of the kids

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