Tuesday, February 24, 2015


 I get more excited every year for Christmas.  I just love the kids excitement and all the preparation for it.  We went to Michaels family Christmas Eve then to church that night.  We set out milk and cookies and then sprinkled reindeer food in the backyard then off the kids went to bed.  I found a wonderful recipe for crockpot breakfast casserole that you cook all night then its ready in the morning… it was perfect and I LOVE smelling breakfast when I wake up.   Mom, MA, Dad and Drew came over in the morning.  We were outside most of the morning because Santa gave the older two electric scooters and they loved them!  Caleb got a remote control car and Norah got an adorable tree swing.  We went to Michaels cousin for the afternoon and then crashed that night.
                                  They were convinced they saw Santa's sleigh

 We put Super Mario brothers on the Wii and it was a hit.  The boys..cough…men…played for hours trying to beat the game
 I love this video because its just us…crazy and loud.  Norah started crying because I wouldn't let her out of the room so I could video them all coming out together, Cohen has a horrible cough…  but my favorite is Michael at the beginning.  A fun fact about Michael… when he is hungry and/or tired he turns into Napoleon Dynamite.  I love them all

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