Thursday, October 20, 2011


Michael turned 30 last week! Mom and him have the same birthday and we decided to have a fiesta, I pulled out all the cards. Enchiladas, tamales, beans, rice and yes cokes in a bottle. I love this picture for probably a thousand reasons but my number one was that Cohen was in his underwear and now that it is posted I realized he must have had an itch. Cohen in his underwear is such a normal occurrence that it didn't even phase me when I was taking the pics, yep I love my family.

Then for the weekend we were able to leave the kids at home and went with this fabulous couple to Nashville...traveling in the minivan. It was FABULOUS, we met two other couples there and went to Yazoo brewery that afternoon and out to eat that night. I slept till 8:45 Sunday morning, this is the equivalent to 3pm to a teenager.

I have been celebrating Michael's birthday since he turned 19, I really, really like him. Happy 30th!

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  1. Ya'll are so sweet!!! We had a blast and we MUST make this a yearly trip! Who knows, maybe when we all turn 40 we'll make it to a fancy resort on some deserted island and make the most of our "getting old". :)
    PS- LOVE Cohen in the first picture!